This itinerary will make you discover all the characterizing elements of Iblashire: the blue of the sea, the white of mule-tracks linking all the farmhouses in the valleys, the dark shades of the land, the green of crops and the bright yellow of wheat fields.

Stage 1 A loop riding through Ispica countryside

Hop on the saddle for a ride on easy ups and downs in amazing rural landscapes.

The “cellars diversion” get narrow among vine lines at Contrads Buonivini, important wine area of the south-west.

A brief stop will give you the chance to know beaches of Granelli and Porto Ulisse, Pantano Longarini and the following coastline up to Capo Ciriga.

Finally, we pedal to Ispica.

Stage 2 – Cheese and Cava d’Ispica

Al km 9,7 chi vuole ancora pedalare sceglierà fra “la variante del formaggio” e la “variante delle antiche ville nobiliari”, entrambe ad anello; in alternativa sarà possibile raggiungere la fine della tappa, a Cava d’Ispica.

This stage crosses a barer countryside, devoted to cattle and scattered with small, family run farms which embody the industriousness and dedication to agriculture of this land.

At kilometre 9.7, those who want to put more mileage can try the “cheese diversion” and “the villas diversion”, both ring routes. Otherwise you just can reach the end of the stage in Cava d’Ispica.


Stage 3 The sparkling agriculture scene of Hyblean Plateau

La ciclovia vi permetterà di raggiungere diversi luoghi naturalistici quali la valle del Tellaro e poco più avanti Cava Paradiso, inoltre con una piccola deviazione si raggiungerà la zona degli ALBERI MONUMENTALI, carrubi e ulivi secolari.

This loop ride finally leads you to the plateau.

you can glimpse the Tellaro valley and Cava Paradiso a bit further and diversion to the MONUMENTAL TREES area

This stage is more suitable for trained cyclists, if you’re interested in the all route, but it can also be interesting for those who just want to cover some kilometres and pick up one of the agritourisms along the route.

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