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The ARMOSA estate located at Scicli in the Ragusa province of Sicily, was created in 2002 by Michele Molgg to cultivate wine-producing vines. The first vineyard of “Nero d’Avola” was planted in 2003 in a terroir especially chosen for its sandy tufa soil and for its immediate proximity to the sea.


The winery
The ArmosA winery is a small production of wines which currently processes about 4.8 ha of vineyard of nero d’avola and 0.1 ha of white muscat. The cultivation techniques used aim to achieve an optimal balance vegetative-productive to promote the production of high quality and healthy grapes. The harvest is done manually in the cooler hours of the day, with the selection in the vineyard and the grapes collected in crates.

The cellar, obtained from the restoration of rural buildings of the last century, is equipped with modern stainless steel vats for fermentation at controlled temperature and a barrel for aging wine. the winemaking techniques used seek to reduce the interventions on wine to preserve its integrity, following the philosophy that “time works on wine, not man”.

The wines we produce are “siclys” and the reserve “curma”, both produced from pure nero d’avola, the “salipetrj” dry white wine made from white muscat grapes, and to these we add the grappa distilled from the nero d’avola marc called “Ayn