“Gli AROMI Sicily” was founded eighteen years ago. The founders’ passion is highlighted in their values: the passion for herbs and spices, love for their homeland and also traditional handwork are key elements to keeping the company’s quality standards high. Therefore, the plant is not considered a freestanding decoration cut from its place of belonging, but an important part of its context, an element to discover.

Nowadays the company produces and sells more than 200 different varieties of plants belonging to different families; including Labiatae and Umbelliferae, plants from the Sicilian south east coast and plants from different parts of the world – ornamental sages with unique colours!

Since its founding, the caper plant represents the masterpiece of “AROMI Sicily” and it is commonly used between the stone walls and the stones of farmhouses, the plant gives a deeper sense of connection to the native land.

Recently the company expanded its range by including new varieties of ornamental sage, thyme, lavender, romarini, santoline, helichrysum and others.

The next challenge for the company is to start producing tropical plants and “ancient” Sicilian plants that once were endemic Sicily, but today are threatened with extinction.

The company looks to the future by staying loyal to its roots but at the same time keeping an eye on new challenges from all over the world. The family-run business still has a strong sense of identity and the awareness of being in the centre of the Mediterranean, the cradle of ancient Western civilisation.