The spot “Adventures in Mountain bike” defines the off-road side of the “Sicily Bike Routes” project, a project that proposes different ways of riding: from paved to dirt roads, from easy to challenging riding experience.
Images in the spot are about routes going through vineyards, olive-orchards and above all nature trails: a single-track in the wood, an old mule-path, a ride along isolated slopes. No paved roads at all!
Your rides go through varied sceneries, from Mediterranean coast to inner hills and plateau, to historic towns. You don’t need to choose one of them, you can experience them all in a single day, in a single riding. Along these rural Routes you ‘ll have many opportunities to stop in farms where tasting local food and wine and knowing the organic making-processes.
At the end of the day, your journey uses to end in a farm-house, a family-run place where travellers are going to meet natives.
For whom loving endurance and Bike-packing, we propose you a wide range of Mountain Bike adventures, thanks to the cooperation with “Agribike”, our Mtb brand.