This itinerary starts from  Sicily Bike Routes clubhouse, follows the Irminio river valley and gets to its mouth.

The cycle trip goes on along the most southern coastline in Europe. In this first part, The area is flat and easily covered by not trained people.

-We will stop at the Irminio river mouth and take 30 minutes walking( inside the reserve it’s forbidden to ride) along the quiet nature area close to the Mediterranean sea.

-Then we will go on along the coastline passing through the old fishermen and the seaside village of Donnalucata. Opportunity of buying some snacks, water or ice-cream.

-Now, we will head to Armosa winery for a visit of the winery and a ride through its vineyards.


– Heading to Sampieri, we will pedal in the coastal nature area of Costa di Carro


-Our next destination along the Mediterranean coast will be the  small fishermen village of Sampieri. Opportunity of buying some snacks, water or ice-cream.


–  The last part of our trip: landscapes of rare, unrivalled beauty, stretching from the sea to Scicli. will end to the food and wine info point of Sicily Bike Routes.

 Pedaling through the typical dried-stone walls lined roads, along the preserved country of Scicli. The undisputed protagonist, a rural view as far as the eye can see, dominated by carob, a tree of Middle-eastern origin appearing during the Arabian period.

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We pedal through a still-preserved rural area, heading to Scicli , where many estates appear, testifying a rich agriculture in the last centuries, nowadays  managed by genuine and family-run farms.