An unforgettable day with Mountainbike to discover one of the most exciting natural and archaelogical site of easter Sicily.

Sicels and Sicani (the first inhabitants of Sicily) used to live in Patalica so we will see the remains that show how they lived.

The entire path way, into the Pantalica deep gorge, is easy and follow the ancient railway “Ciccio Pecora” dismantled in the 1959 and actually is a enjoyable bicycle path.

A timeless journey by our mountain bike to discover the rocky necropolis of Pantalica, the beautiful archaeological site, the amazing views of Anapo and Cassibile river valley and what about the farms that offer genuine and tycall products that we will taste during the tour.

The arrival in Palazzolo Acreide is just as suggestive with a visit to the ruins of ancient greek theater and Akray.